Why You Need a Pet Dentist in Sacramento

While puppy breath is quite possibly the greatest smell in the world, doggy breath is not. The majority of pets suffer from some form of dental disease by age 3, which can lead to foul-smelling breath. If your furry pal leans in for a slobbery kiss and you catch a whiff of a nasty odor, it’s likely there is a hefty load of oral bacteria lurking in your pet’s mouth. 

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5 Things to Look for In an Emergency and Urgent Care Animal Hospital in Sacramento

With veterinary medicine coming of age, your pet gets access to the same urgent care as any person. In situations where your pet may experience an injury or a sudden illness or may have swallowed something poisonous, they will require immediate medical attention. 

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Welcome to Capital Pets Animal Hospital

Welcome to Capital Pets Animal Hospital! Conveniently located in South Sacramento, we provide high-quality veterinary care for dogs and cats in Elk Grove, Florin, Central Parkway, and the surrounding communities throughout Sacramento County.

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Veterinarian in Sacramento

Whether you have recently added a new puppy or kitten to your home, adopted an older pet, or relocated to the area, finding a trusted veterinarian in Sacramento should be one of your primary concerns. Ensuring that your dog or cat receives appropriately veterinary care is part of being a responsible pet parent, and it is a huge step in ensuring that your companion can spend as many happy, healthy years by your side as possible. 

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