Wellness Exams
At Capital Pets Animal Hospital, we strongly believe that routine veterinary care is a crucial component when it comes to ensuring the long-term health of companion animals. For this reason, we strongly recommend that our patients come in for wellness exams on a regular basis. These simple exams take just a few minutes, but they provide us with a wealth of information regarding your pet’s health. They also allow us to monitor your pet’s condition on an on-going basis and create opportunities for us to detect - and start treatment for - minor problems long before they become serious.

In most cases, we recommend yearly exams for dogs and cats. If your pet is older or has health problems, though, we may recommend more frequent checkups. At Capital Pets Animal Hospital, we are proud to provide affordable pet wellness exams in South Sacramento and would love to add your beloved companion to our patient list.

Wellness Exam Services at fair prices

The main component of a wellness exam is a hands-on examination of your pet from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail. We’ll also check their vital signs, take a peek inside their mouth, and ask if you have noticed any problems or changes in their behavior.

During your pet’s exam, we may also recommend lab work, vaccines, parasite testing, treatment, or prevention, and other services designed to help them stay happy and healthy.

Pet Wellness Exams in South Sacramento

For pet wellness exams in South Sacramento, Capital Pets Animal Hospital has you covered. We offer a complete range of affordable wellness services and will do whatever it takes to help your companion live a long, healthy life. Call now to schedule an appointment.

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Capital Pets Animal Hospital offers wellness exams at fair prices in South Sacramento, Elk Grove, Florin, Central Parkway, Sheldon, Laguna, Freeport, Franklin, Vineyard, and the surrounding areas.

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