What You Should Know About Microchipping in Sacramento


Did you know that this month is Chip Your Pet Month? As such, it is a fantastic time to learn more about microchipping. According to the American Humane Association, around one in three pets will be lost or stolen in their lifetime. Of them, very few will ever be reunited with their owners. 

Doors and fences help keep pets safely at home, but it only takes a second for something to go wrong. Having your pet chipped is the best way of having them be returned to you if they're ever lost or stolen. The skilled vets at Capital Pets Animal Hospital provide quick and easy microchipping in Sacramento and are here to help you protect your furry friend. Here are a handful of things you should know about the process of microchipping and its benefits. 

The Microchipping Process

Microchipping is a simple procedure that provides a permanent form of identification and results in only minor discomfort. The microchip - which is about the size of a grain of rice - is usually placed between the animal's shoulder blades. Like a vaccination, the chip is injected using a syringe, so anesthesia is not required. A qualified vet can chip a dog or cat in seconds. 

Microchips are completely safe and don't contain personal information. Instead, each chip has a unique identification number that is linked to an account that contains your details. If you relocate or change your phone number, updating the information is done via the web and only takes a few moments.

The Benefits of Microchipping

Although having your cat or dog microchipped does not guarantee that your pet will be found if they become separated from you, it does dramatically improve the chances of seeing them again. If someone brings your pet to a veterinary office or animal shelter, a handheld scanner will be used to locate the chip. As long as you keep your contact information up to date, you will be contacted. 

Call Now for Microchipping in Sacramento 

Microchipping takes just seconds and significantly increases the odds of being reunited with your pet if they ever get lost or are stolen. Having a cat or dog microchipped is a personal choice, however here at Capital Pets Animal Hospital, we recommend microchipping in Sacramento for nearly all of the patients we serve. Call now to learn more or make a microchipping appointment. 



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