It’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month, and Your Vet near Elk Grove Has Tips


If you have or are thinking about getting a dog, be aware that September is the American Kennel Club’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month. At Capital Pets Animal Hospital, we think that makes it a good time to think about the ways you can provide better care and support for your dog. Keep reading to discover a few helpful tips from your vet near Elk Grove! 

Pay Attention

Just like children, dogs need supervision. Always be aware of what your dog is doing around the house to make sure they are not getting into foods or other items that could harm them. Also, watch to make sure they are not behaving destructively or engaging in other behaviors that might be warning signs of health problems or which need to be corrected with training. Pay attention in dog parks and other public areas to make sure your dog is interacting properly with people (especially children) and other dogs, and to make sure they aren’t finding gaps in fencing or other escape routes when they are off-leash. 

And Give Attention

Dogs need interaction and mental stimulation. Being left alone too much can cause them anxiety, or to act out from boredom. They love attention from their owners, and love hearing the sound of your voice. Have playtime with your dog often, combining it with the physical exercise they need. This can also be a good time to use treats or praise to reinforce good behaviors. Try to plan family activities that can involve your dog. Give your dog the companionship they crave.

Stay Engaged With Your Vet near Elk Grove

Your vet near Elk Grove can help keep your dog as healthy as possible and can advise you on behaviors or other warning signs that could mean health problems. Make regular appointments, and keep your dog up to date on shots and preventative care so that they are as healthy as possible. Call now to schedule your pet’s appointment. 



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